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ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed LA

23 September 2014 | 49.95 USD

This 3 hour hands-on photo class will teach you the building blocks of photography. ISO determines the sensitivity of your sensor to light. Aperture (f-stop) opens up or closes a diaphragm that determines how much light passes through the lens. …


Fine Art Travel Photography with Mark Edward Harris

27 September 2014 | 115.00 USD

This workshop explores how to create fine art travel photography - images that go far beyond the "I was here" photograph. Photographers working in either digital or film will learn how to create beautiful landscapes and townscapes, as well as…


Better Photos Now Level 1 with Gregg Cobarr - $29.95 SA

27 September 2014 | 29.95 USD and up

Photographer Gregg Cobarr’s Better Photos Now! workshop at Samy’s Camera EDU is a crash course in people photography. In this very popular class students will learn how to take manual control of their camera using the shutter speed, aperture and…


Photoshop Basics with Natasha Calzatti - PAS

27 September 2014 | 195.00 USD

In this intensive one day hands on computer workshop, longtime Photoshop instructor Natasha Calzatti will cut through the complexity in Photoshop and help you to master it as a photographic tool.   Natasha will show you the fundamentals of Photoshop, how…


Lighting and Dramatic Portrait with Michael Grecco

27 September 2014 | 49.95 USD

The difference between an ordinary photograph and a truly striking portrait lies in the photographer’s ability to pierce the obvious and reveal the intimate nature of the subject. The play of available angles, light and shadow, soft shapes and hard…


Better Photos Now Level 2 with Gregg Cobarr - SA

27 September 2014 | 49.95 USD and up

This course is designed to teach you skills to be able to adjust quickly in a variety of shooting situations most commonly found while photographing either for personal work or on assignment. You will learn and apply how to constantly…


Canon DSLR Basics: Rebels, 60D, 70D $29.95 - LA

28 September 2014 | 29.95 USD

Join us and learn all the ins and outs of how to use your Canon DSLR*. This 2.5 hour seminar is designed to get you up and running with your new camera.

 Topics Covered:
 Camera menus
 Shooting modes
 RAW vs…