Samy’s Photo School

Welcome to Samy’s Camera Photo School.  We are one of the largest photo programs on the West Coast offering hundreds of classes accommodating thousands of students at 6 locations.  To find a class at the store near you, click on the  location link below where you will be taken to a list of classes offered at that particular store.  All classes are not offered at all the stores so make sure to check other locations if you can’t find a class at your store that you are interested in taking.

Samy's Photo School Los Angeles

Samy's Photo School Santa Ana

Samy's Photo School Pasadena

Samy's Photo School Culver City

Samy's Photo School Santa Barbara

Samy's Photo School San Francisco

Our photo school is for all levels starting with our camera specific classes which are designed to get you up and running with your new camera.  After you learn how to use your camera we offer subjects like Fundamentals of Photography, Basic Portraiture, DSLR Video, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Black and White, Street Photography, Fine Art Travel, Studio and Location Lighting.  We have 3 classrooms at the Fairfax location including a computer lab and a 50 seat seminar room with Leica projectors.  Samy’s Photo School also offers classes at our stores in Santa Ana, Pasadena, Culver City, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

You can reach the education department by email at or by calling 323-456-4564

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