Upcoming Events


Phase One Certified Professional - RE-TAKE

24 September 2014 | 49.00 USD

This is an ONLINE ONLY retake for the Phase One Certified Professional course. You do not need to come into the LA location to retake. 


Beginning Portrait Photography Lighting with Keith Payson

4 October 2014 | 75.00 USD

Learn to Light the Human Face. Have you always wanted to learn the art of great portrait lighting? Learn the art of seeing as opposed to the everyday act of simply looking at things. Well, now is your chance! Keith…


Macro Photography Workshop with Art Ramirez - LA

5 October 2014 | 95.00 USD

Enter the world of macro photography with instructor Art Ramirez as your guide.  Learn how to capture close up images with macro lenses, filters, special flash systems and tripods using macro attachments.  Whether you use a macro lens, close-up filters…


Canon DSLR Basics: Rebels, 60D, 70D $29.95 - PAS

5 October 2014 | 29.95 USD

Join us and learn all the ins and outs of how to use your Canon DSLR*. This 2.5 hour seminar is designed to get you up and running with your new camera.

 Topics Covered:
 Camera menus
 Shooting modes
 RAW vs…


Adobe Lightroom 5 for Travel Photography with Natasha Calzatti - LA

7 October 2014 | 95.00 USD and up

Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for organizing and processing your travel photos.  Lightroom instructor Natasha Calzatti will show you advanced techniques for travel photography.  Topics covered include:  Creating a secondary catalog while traveling  Assigning Keywords during import  Make selections…


Canon DSLR Basics: 5D, 6D, 7D, 1Dx $29.95 - LA

11 October 2014 | 29.95 USD

If you own one of the upper end Canon DSLR's like the 7D, 5D MkII or III this is the class for you. Learn the advanced capabilities of your camera. What is AF on? What is an AF Case? How…


Off Camera Flash Workshop with Joe & Mirta Barnet - SA

11 October 2014 | 75.00 USD

How to use your Speed light like a PRO This 4-hour seminar with Joe Barnett is designed to get you up and running with your portable on-camera flash. You will learn how to get the most from your portable flash…